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For our registered partners in Certified Partner programwe've prepared an overview of all the accounts registered with you partner ID. This allows you to keep track of their activities, helping them to utilize the maximum potential of SOCIFI and thus maximize your profits. Achieve maximum performance of accounts registered under you and minimize the number of inactive.

What can you see and track in the Account overview?

  • In all the accounts, you can see your revenue.
  • Overview of the number of connections, that reflect the account activity.
  • The tendency for descent or rise of the connections (activities) of the account.
  • The basic information about the account's owner: name, company's name, e-mail, account ID
  • Date of registration and the last account sign-in.
  • The current balance and earnings of SMN.

How can you filter your accounts?

  • You can search accounts by the account ID, name, e-mail, account holder's name, ID or name of the brand
  • Filtering by country and tariff account.
  • Filtering by equipment. (For example, you can see only those accounts, that use Cisco Meraki).
  • Filtering by authentication methods. (For example, you can see only those accounts, that use PayThru).
  • Filtering by activated SMN or whether the account uses the Preferred deals.
  • Those accounts you want to target, you can mark as a favorite, so you can find them easily.


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