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Preferred Deals for Closed Environments

Closed Environments are another unique feature of the SMN (SOCIFI Media Network). Closed environments are typically used by clients such as shopping malls, airports, or even big box retailers.

A Closed Environment is one that the Wi-Fi owner (Publisher) closes to “outside” advertisers such as those that come from global ad exchanges or other venues. Only local tenants or advertisers that are approved by the Wi-Fi owner (Publisher) are able to target the venue’s WiFi.

The Wi-Fi owner (Publisher) of a Closed Environment is then able to totally control the pricing of their impressions. Sold in units of a thousand impressions, or CPM, this gives the Wi-Fi owner (Publisher) maximum pricing control. In the SOCIFI system this pricing control is called "Preferred Deals" and means that all advertisers must meet the minimum price set by the Wi-Fi owner (Publisher).

Maximizing the yield

The SOCIFI platform uses Real Time Bidding (RTB) to ensure that the optimum price is achieved for the Wi-Fi owner's (Publisher’s) impressions. This technology is always on and SOCIFI does not charge extra for it.

This technology is particularly powerful for those Publishers (Wi-Fi owners) whose inventory of impressions is in high demand. For those who have 100% fill rate, the RTB technology can dramatically enhance revenues.