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SOCIFI Media Network

SOCIFI platform can be used by the Wi-Fi owner to sell impressions to advertisers by opening a SOCIFI Media Network or "SMN" account. There are no sessions or hotspots limits. 

TariffSessions monthlySet-up feeMonthly feeSupport monthly (optional)Own Ads
SOCIFI Media NetworkUnlimited$5,000$0Self-service or $1,000N/A

SOCIFI Media Network is based on a revenue share model where the Wi-Fi owner receives up to 67% from the ad price.

Self-Promotion Plans

The plans presented below are for Wi-Fi owners who would like to dedicate their networks to promoting their own brand and advertisements. SOCIFI plans are charged monthly or yearly. We offer a 30 % discount on up-front long-term commitments (yearly). These plans are calculated based on the amount of network connections known as "sessions". You can add multiple hotspots under all our plans. 

TariffSessions MonthlyMonthly FeeAnnual PaymentSupport Monthly (optional)
Lizard1,000$9.9930% discountSelf-service
Rabbit3,000$5530% discountSelf-service
Cheetah15,000$19530% discountSelf-service
Giraffe40,000$32530% discountSelf-service or $1,000
Rhino65,000$49530% discountSelf-service or $1,000
Giant300,000$1,80030% discountSelf-service or $1,000
Godzilla600,000$4,20030% discountSelf-service or $1,000
Blue Whale1,000,000$6,900 30% discountSelf-service or $1,000

The "Bee" tariff is not available at this time. All customers with an active "Bee" plan may continue to use it for as long as they wish.

What happens when I reach my sessions limit ? 

When the number of sessions is reached before the end of the accounting period and you do not make payment or upgrade to a higher plan, then your self-promotion tariff is automatically switched to SOCIFI Media Network and third party advertisements will be displayed on your network. If we are unable to withdraw the payment, we will send you a notification on the same day and on the 3rd day of the accounting period. On the 7th day of the accounting period we will notify you that your self-promotion tariff has been switched to SOCIFI Media Network. Self-promotion tariff will resume at the beginning of the accounting period. 

For information on how sessions are counted please see below:

Self Promotion & SMN Combination

For clients who would like to split their network between self-promotion advertisements and SOCIFI Media Network third party ads, you will need to pay monthly for a self-promotion tariff (above) and for the remainder of your available sessions, SMN third party ads will be delivered from global ad exchanges, local & global advertisers. The self-promotion monthly fee and the revenue from SMN third party ads are two separate payment activities and cannot be combined. Thus, if you e.g. earn $100 and have an active "Rabbit" tariff ($55 monthly) you will still need to pay the monthly flat fee and request the SMN revenue payout.


API is a feature on request. Please contact your Partner or Support for activation. More information about API.

TariffOne-time setup feePrice per month
Blue Whale$490$990
SOCIFI Media Network$490$100

Pay-Thru Voucher API

Price per 1 API Voucher request: $0.00465. One-Time setup fee: $490.

SMS Authentication

Price per SMSFee per SMSMonthly fee
SMS AuthenticationThird-Party Price Applies3% of SMS price$9.90

We charge per SMS basis. Prices vary between countries. A complete, up-to-date pricing list is available at 

Credit in your SOCIFI account must show a positive balance. Should your balance go below $10, your services may be interrupted. See more info about SMS Authentication

Custom Terms & Conditions

 Custom Terms & Conditions is a feature on request. Get more info about Custom Terms & Conditions

One-Time Setup Fee*
Custom Terms & Conditions$100

* Per account.

White Label

White Label is a feature on request. Get more info about White Label.

First Year

(One-Time Setup + License Fee)

Second Year Onwards

(Annual License)

Second Year Onwards

 (Annual Maintenance)

Single White Label License$1,500$660$100
Unlimited White Label License$15,000$120 / per account$100

All prices are provided in US Dollars and valid within the United States, Canada and Europe. Pricing for other countries is subject to change.


Contact support to help you.