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Designed for Partners & Resellers. With the Unlimited White Label License, you get the pure White Label for an unlimited number of accounts. This means you have the option to White Label all accounts for all your customers created under your Partner ID.


Example: SOCIFI partner can use this License to provide SOCIFI service (White Labeled), to all his customers. All sub-accounts can be White Labeled too.

Technical Settings

Setting up your domain

  1. Decide what domain you'd like to use. For example domain "".
  2. Create third-level of your domain "". Use "connect" as the third-level. The result will be "". If you don't know where to set this, go to your Domain Provider's website and follow their instructions (i.e., etc.).
  3. Direct the CNAME of "" to for example "" where 1234 is SOCIFI Account ID. Instead of 1234 please enter you Account ID. Your Account ID you can find at the address bar, when you are logged in the SOCIFI Dashboard. Please see the attached screenshot.


  4. Create the third-level domain "" on your Domain Provider’s website. ( etc.)
  5. Direct the CNAME of "" to "" so the administrator won't see "".