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Self-Promotion Tariffs (Flat Fee Tariffs)

The Self-Promotion tariff is designed for Wi-Fi owners who want to promote their brand, product or service. 

  • Communicate with the visitors and gain relevant feedback.
  • Have the ability to create ads targeting third-party hotspots all around the world.
  • Capitalize on the multimedia space of your network for commercial and advertising partnerships.
  • Turn the Wi-Fi into a valuable business enabler. Interact with the visitors and use the data for new marketing purposes.
  • Take control of the network, use features such as bandwidth limiting, user access, Social Wi-Fi, SMS Authentication, In-Session, Premium Access Pay-Thru (Pay-As-You-Go Internet) and many others as a one-stop shop.
  • Combine displaying own ads and third-party ads to get the most out of SOCIFI.
  • Convert unknown visitors into known customers. Collect valuable insights, analyze them & sync user data into popular systems such as Salesforce, MailChimp and others.

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SOCIFI Media Network Tariff

Media Network Tariff is designed for large venues, Wi-Fi Carriers, and other busy places.

Media Network allows third party advertisers to target their content to the relevant audience and achieve higher conversion rates and engagement. Wi‐Fi and LTE Carriers also have the ability to close their networks thru Preferred deals and only approved advertisers are able to display content on their networks. Wi-Fi Carriers also have the ability to offer premium internet thanks to Pay-Thru (Pay-As-You-Go Internet)

  • Increase your revenue and boost the ROI.
  • Drive customer acquisition and customer loyalty
  • Be socially responsible. When using SOCIFI you protect your visitors with enhanced alert messages which is compatible with FEMA’s IPAWS messaging system.
  • Interconnect hyper-local or preferred advertisers directly to your network.
  • Manage the delivery of Preferred Deals and monitor the performance on the network.
  • Offer premium internet access on your Wi-Fi network thanks to Pay-Thru (Pay-As-You-Go Internet).
  • Use authentication methods from simple click-thru to social media (Social Wi-Fi) and badge ID.
  • Allow the users to sign in via SMS Authentication codes that can be used to track them, should they abuse the network.
  • Gain a better knowledge of footfall, that helps making staffing adjustments based on patterns that emerge over time and much more.
  • This solution is turning Wi-Fi into a valuable business enabler. Get more insights about your visitors and and use this data for marketing purposes.

SOCIFI Media Network Tariff is not designed to communicate with visitors while they are connecting to the Wi-Fi network thru your own ads. To achieve this goal, you need to select one of the Self-Promotion Flat Fee Tariffs and enable SOCIFI Media Network to be used for the part of the traffic.

Flat Fee Tariff & SOCIFI Media Network Tariff Combination

For those clients who would like to split their network traffic between their own promotions ads and SOCIFI Media Network third party ads to generate revenue, SOCIFI offers a combination of the pricing structure. In this case, network owners pay for their own promotion through the selection of one of the Self-Promotion tariffs. For the remainder of their available session, SMN third party ads from global ad exchanges, local & global advertisers will be delivered. The monthly fee and the revenue coming from publishing are two separate payment activities and cannot be combined. 

This kind of flexibility has a particular value especially for customers such as shopping malls. Thanks to this flexibility they can promote their own special events and conduct surveys and other valuable customer communication part of the time based on the monthly session limit of the selected Self-Promotion tariff. And at the same time, they can earn money as a Publisher (Wi-Fi owner) from advertisers targeting their location and visitors.