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Pay-Thru Flow & UX

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Pay-Thru Vouchers Flow & UX

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Payment Flow

Visitors pay for Premium Internet Access (Pay-Thru) by credit or debit card through a Secure Payment Gateway. The amount is transferred to your estimated earnings section in the Dashboard under Pay-Thru. It takes up to an hour for the amount to appear in the Dashboard. The estimated earnings are calculated using the current exchange rate on the date of the transaction. Please note that the final exchange rate that will be applied is the exchange rate as of the day of the settlement.

The settlement report normally takes 3-5 working days depending on the bank. Once we receive the settlement report the final amount from the report will be applied. You will see the confirmed earnings from Pay-Thru on the top right corner under Current Balance and also under Settings -> Account Settings -> Billing. 

The Minimum transaction fee is 4,9% plus $0,38 per transaction. Once the transaction fees are deducted you as the Account owner's income is 88% of the net revenue.

Account owner income example:

D2 = 10 USD Payment
Account owner income = 0.88*($10-($10*0.049+0.38)) = $8.034 (USD)

Refunds & Withdrawals:

How to get your earnings to your bank account or PayPal?

How to refund a client who paid for a Premium Internet?