White Label

You can remove/replace the SOCIFI logo on the Splash Page and on the Dashboard. You can also use your own domain name for the Splash Page & for the Dashboard. 

White Label Features

  • No SOCIFI logo is displayed
  • No SOCIFI domain name is used for Dashboard and Splash Page
  • No SOCIFI Terms & Conditions are displayed
  • Your logo is displayed
  • Your domain name for Dashboard and Splash Page is displayed
  • Your Terms & Conditions are displayed

This feature is offered on request only. Please see pricing.

How to get White Label?

Please fill the White Label Request Form to get your White Label ready as soon as possible. 

White Label Licences

Single White Label License

Designed mainly for direct WiFi publishers (WiFi owners) & large venues. With the Single White License, you get the pure White Label for one account only. All brands under your selected account are White Labeled too. 

Example: A Shopping mall can use the Single White Label License to provide SOCIFI solution under their own name. 

Unlimited White Label License

Designed for Partners & Resellers. With the Unlimited White Label License, you get the pure White Label for an unlimited number of accounts. This means you have the option to White Label all accounts for all your customers created under your Partner ID.

Example: SOCIFI partner can use this License to provide SOCIFI service (White Labeled), to all his customers. All sub-accounts can be White Labeled too.

Technical Settings

Setting up your domain

  1. Decide what domain you'd like to use. For example domain "MyDomain.com".
  2. Create third-level of your domain "MyDomain.com". Use "connect" as the third-level. The result will be "connect.MyDomain.com". If you don't know where to set this, go to your Domain Provider's website and follow their instructions (i.e. GoDaddy.com, etc.).
  3. Direct the CNAME of "connect.MyDomain.com" to for example "connect-1234.socifi.com" where 1234 is SOCIFI Account ID. Instead of 1234 please enter you Account ID. Your Account ID you can find at the address bar, when you are logged in the SOCIFI Dashboard. Please see the attached screenshot.


  4. Create the third-level domain "admin.MyDomain.com" on your Domain Provider’s website. (GoDaddy.com etc.)
  5. Direct the CNAME of "admin.MyDomain.com" to "admin.socifi.com" so the administrator won't see "admin.socifi.com".

IMPORTANT: Always use CNAME for the third-level domain. Never use A or AAA-record.

If you get stuck with the domain name configuration, please contact your domain name registrar or Domain Provider for help. 

Setting up an email sending domain

Provide us with the email address of your White Label domain (for example "MyEmail@MyDomain.com" ). We need to verify that you have access to an email account at your White Label domain. 

SOCIFI adds White Label domain you use for sending through SOCIFI. You have to add SPF and DKIM records and verify ownership of your sending domains before you can send email through your account. SOCIFI will not send any email from unverified domains or domains without valid SPF and DKIM records, including public domains like gmail.com, yahoo.com, and more.

Follow the instructions at https://mandrill.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/205582267-About-SPF-and-DKIM to Set Up SPF and DKIM for Your Sending Domains. 

What needs to be changed in your hotspot configuration

You'll need to change the name of the Login URL of your hotspot setting. The standard (no White List) value is "connect.socifi.com", please set is as "connect.MyDomain.com" (see the related Guide for the correct syntax). The request to "connect.MyDomain.com" will arrive to "connect.socifi.com" eventually, but user will see "connect.MyDomain.com" on his/her device. That being said if you keep "connect.socifi.com" as the Login URL everything will work just fine, but users might see "connect.socifi.com" on their devices. In other words - you don't need to change all Login URL's on all your hotspots in one go or not at all if you don't mind that your users might see the domain "connect.socifi.com".

Save the logo you want to use in JPG or PNG format in both of these resolutions:

  1. 81 x 40 px for the Splash Page
  2. 95 x 50 px for the Dashboard
  3. Attach original vector logo (Ai, Eps) or bitmap JPG or PNG in high resolution (at least 500x500 px)

8. Contact our support

Then contact support(@)socifi.com or your SOCIFI master partner and let us know which option you'd like to use and send us the name of your domain, your logos and information for the SSL certificate. Once we have all these materials, we will be able to proceed and process your White Label.