LigoWave APC Button - SOCIFI ready


Tested versions:

ModelTypeFirmware versionNote
APC ButtonAP + controller2-3352.v5.95-2.52985SOCIFI ready


SOCIFI and Ligowave (formerly Deliberant) are glad to present embedded SOCIFI configuration in LigoWave firmware called SOCIFI ready. From now on the SOCIFI configuration gets much easier and also significantly decreases any chance for miss-configuration. You may check the old Guide to see what has changed.

1. Get the right firmware

Go to:  check  APC then 2 GHz then Button and download the firmware: v5.95-2 Hotspot (CLOUD4WI, SOCIFI). Upgrade your APC button. 

2. Network Setting

Set the correct mode (see the picture below). Go to Configuration > Network > Network mode = Router and than enable at least one DNS server as displayed in the WAN, wired sectionWhen done, click on the Save & Apply button to save and activate the setting.

3. The NTP setting

Now we'll need to set the NTP service so the device can use the correct time. Go to Services >  Clock/NTP and select the right timezone and fill in the NTP server name.

4. Wireless/Hotspot SOCIFI ready setting

  Go to Configuration > Wireless and set the Access Point (auto WDS) mode. Then go to Security and select UAM. New option Hotspot Service will appear and you can now select predefined SOCIFI values based on your region.

5. Add a new hotspot to SOCIFI Dashboard

For the Dashboard administration you'll need to know the MAC address of the APC Button device. You can either go to Status > Network and get the LAN interface address there (in the picture below it's: 00:19:3B:96:42:78) or find the value Radio MAC on the rear side sticker or finally you can see it on a Wifi device display (tablet, ipod .. etc) when an user will try to register for the first time. As the Wifi vendor please use: Deliberant.