Billing Tab serves as an overview of your financial flow in SOCIFI.


We accept PayPal as alternative payment option.
For example if you have any problems with payment with your debit or credit card, you can use your PayPal. PayPal is a quick, safe way to process payments without a credit card.

What you find in the Billing tab


Earnings represent the total amount generated within your account. Payout of your earnings is processed upon your request, earnings must exceed the minimal threshold. 

Current available balance

Current available balance represents the total sum of your earnings and credit balance that might be spent for SOCIFI services.  

How do you pay

Information about your payment method, you can edit it by Manage button.

Monthly overview

Monthly overview consists of two basic sections, the first is Tariff subscription containing the overview of tariff payments and tariff changes. 

The second part is Current balance containing Advertising and service credit (information about inserted money to SOCIFI) and Earnings (income from Media Network, Pay-Thru and others).

"Previous" and "Next" buttons allow you to see the overview of the previous and next month. You have all your transaction under the control.

Downloading and invoices and statements

You can download invoices and statements from the billing section of your SOCIFI account here.

PayPal alternative payment

 We are now accepting PayPal payments. 

If you are having problems making a Paypal or credit card payment, please click here for more details. 

Pay for your subscription with PayPal

To do this:

  1. In Billing section click on Pay Now button.

  2. You will be redirected to the PayPal payment, where you log into your PayPal account.

  3. After successfully logging in to your PayPal account, you can make the payment.


If you recently made an online payment, your subscription will be updated and in effect within 24 hour after you have made the payment.