The implementation was tested using the Mist System Manager cloud and AP41 access point, FW version 0.7.19944

1. Guest Portal Settings

Go to Network / WLANs and select a WLAN for adjusting or create a new one.


Go to the Guest Portal form and set:


Forward to external portal

Portal URL


Allowed Hostnames

see bellow the Walled Garden list

API Secret

use the autogenerated one (after the GP settings are saved) or insert your own one


2. Registering in Dashboard

2.1 Locating the MAC for the registration in SOCIFI Dashboard.

Click on "Access Points". The MAC address for registration is in the column "MAC Address". All AP devices assigned to WLAN with Guest Portal must be registered in SOCIFI Dashboard.


2.2 Hotspot Registering

Step 1: Login to SOCIFI Dashboard

Step 2: Click on the "Hotspots" tab on the left sidebar

Step 3: Click on the “Add a new hotspot” button located on the top right corner on the screen (pictured below)

Note: A pop-up window will appear (below)

Step 4: Select the Wi-Fi hardware manufacturer from the drop-down menu (Mist)

Step 5: Enter the serial number or MAC address (depending on the specific equipment manual) of your equipment. You can add multiple hotspots at once.

Step 6: Set your Network location (this step is essential for correct ad targeting)

Step 7: Set the API key. Switch the API Set-up on and enter the API key copied from the Guest Portal setup form.


Step 8: In the pop-up window type your location or just move the marker on the map and click on the Save button to confirm the selection. This address is used for ad GEO targeting.

Step 9: Click Save

Note: Newly added hotspots are marked as  

(Hotspot pending). 

After the first user connects to the hotspot via SOCIFI, the status will automatically change and appear as 

 (Active) within an hour. Get your first connections to test if it works properly.