Xirrus - In-Session set-up guide with parent proxy

This guide describes the settings for Parent Proxy in transparent mode for SOCIFI In-Session service.

The hotspot must be pre-configured for SOCIFI Connect as described in the SOCIFI Set-Up Guide for Xirrus hotspots. This guide will only extend the default SOCIFI Connect settings.

Beware: The Xirrus does not allow to set In-Session feature per single SSID thus it will affect all existing SSIDs!

Proxy settings

Open proxy settings ("Services / Proxy Services") and select "NetBoxBlue" option in Proxy Forwarding section. (see the enclosed image)

Enabledchecked NetBoxBlue 
Parent Proxy<IP.of.your.In-Session.proxy.server>

Server IP address of parent proxy where SOCIFI In-Session service is enabled. You have to set IP, not DNS.
IP address and Port can be set individually per brand on SOCIFI side but the Xirrus hotspots accept only one IP and Port for all SSIDs.