Premium Internet - Pay-Thru - Pay-As-You-Go Internet

Do you run a venue and are you interested in providing Paid Internet Access for your guests and visitors? SOCIFI offers such technology as a service.

Detailed information

How It Works

Premium access under your brand

Your visitors buy premium Wi-Fi access provided under your brand while your local awareness boosts.

TIP: Thanks to White Label license you gain an opportunity to remove SOCIFI logo and domain name and use your own.

Different tariffs depending on your customer’s needs

You can adjust the premium Wi-Fi access price to local demand. Set the plan for each of your Brand. You choose how much will be paid and how long the connection will be. We ensure an easy way to get the payment by the visitor.

The best user experience while making online payments

Pay-Thru uses the easiest payment process. The visitors can pay by their commonly used payment cards. 

Powerful management enables you to control your network

Sales success, Wi-Fi traffic, setting of plans, restrictions of data, speed and much more.

Key features of Pay-Thru

Custom pricing

With Pay-Thru you can set your own plans and offer your visitors premium Wi-Fi access.

Custom limits

You are able to set the speed (bandwidth) and duration (cap time) of the premium Wi-Fi access.

Idle time

Set the Idle time between free Wi-Fi sessions.


Enable up to three devices to connect within one plan.

Your currency

We accept a wide range of currencies: USD, GBP, AUD, CAD, SEK, MXN, CHF, RUB, CZK and others. More currencies can be enabled upon your request.


The entire payment process is secured and taken care of by SOCIFI. In compliance with PCI DSS.


API serves for communication with external systems. Upon your request we are able to provide you with a custom made solution.

Fraud protection

Advanced encryption of the entire solution helps to protect you from fraudulent payments.


SOCIFI Dashboard allows you to efficiently manage your premium Wi-Fi access plans.

Payment Process Example

Payment Gateway powered by Stripe and Braintree a PayPal Company