Preferred Deals Activation

Preferred Deals allows you to completely close your network and allow only approved advertisers to advertise at your network.

Activate Preferred Deals as:


  1. Go to Settings / Account Settings / Preferred Deals

  2. Click on the button Invite Advertiser
  3. Send invitation & await the confirmation 
Please note that email of the invited advertiser you use for invitation has to exist in SOCIFI system.


  1. Go to Settings / Account Settings / Preferred Deals
  2. Accept / Decline Preferred Deal
If the advertiser does not accept the invitation at his SOCIFI Dashboard, no Preferred Deal will be activated.

Video tutorial

Paid ads to a particular network are paid ads delivered to the network of your Preferred Deal partner. Preferred deals are created manually or automatically when you received the invitation from the Wi-Fi owners via the Local Awareness Portal. The Wi-fi owner needs to have a SOCIFI account with SOCIFI Media Network activated and invite you to advertise within their network.