Preferred Deals for Closed or Semi-Closed Environments

Preferred Deals for Closed Environments

Closed and Semi-Closed Environments are another unique feature of the SMN (SOCIFI Media Network). Closed and Semi-Closed Environments are typically used by clients such as shopping malls, airports, or even big box retailers.

A Closed and Semi-Closed Environment are these that the Wi-Fi owner (Publisher) closes to “outside” advertisers such as those that come from global ad exchanges or other venues. Only local tenants or advertisers that are approved by the Wi-Fi owner (Publisher) are able to target the venue’s WiFi.

The Wi-Fi owner (Publisher) of a Closed and Semi-Closed Environment is then able to totally control the pricing of their impressions. Sold in units of a thousand impressions, or CPM, this gives the Wi-Fi owner (Publisher) maximum pricing control. In the SOCIFI system this pricing control is called "Preferred Deals" and means that all advertisers must meet the minimum price set by the Wi-Fi owner (Publisher).

Maximizing the yield

The SOCIFI platform uses Real Time Bidding (RTB) to ensure that the optimum price is achieved for the Wi-Fi owner's (Publisher’s) impressions. This technology is always on and SOCIFI does not charge extra for it.

This technology is particularly powerful for those Publishers (Wi-Fi owners) whose inventory of impressions is in high demand. For those who have 100% fill rate, the RTB technology can dramatically enhance revenues.