Brand page & Brand settings

Your brand page is the first page that your visitors will see when they connect to your Wi-Fi. This page needs to look really good. Video tutorials and step by step instructions are below:

Step 1: Enter your brand name under Settings → Brand → Brand name:  

Type your brand name in the first field 


Note: You are also able to hide your brand name and display your logo only. To do this simply drag the toggle to the left to hide your brand name in the brand page. 

Step 2: Upload your logo and background image. To do this you need to drag & drop your logo and the image you would like to use for your background to the highlighted fields.

We recommend that you use high resolution images for the background image, 1920*1080 px (minimaly1280*720 px). Important: Any content on the image must be in the center of the image.

For the logo we recommend that you use a square logo in high resolution. The image size should be around 500*500 px.

Note: If you do not have a logo to display you can easily hide the brand logo in the brand page by dragging the toggle to the left to hide your brand logo.


Step 3: Hit save after you have entered all the details. After you have saved your brand you can select preview to see what your brand looks like on your computer.


Note: You can set the category of your brand and set tags characterizing your brand. Remember to hit Save again. 

 VIDEO: Create and set new brand for Wi-Fi Owners:



VIDEO: Create and set new brand for Advertisers: