Local Awareness Portal

Local Awareness Portal is a great tool for Publishers (WiFi owners), Local Awareness Portal allows you to invite local advertisers who would like to engage new customers and expand their reach. Local Awareness Portal represents an unique presentation of your ad space for advertisers.

Video about SOCIFI Local Awareness

Local Awareness Portal helps you to increase ad revenue from your 4G/WiFi network! Learn more about:

Crucial information for advertisers

Local Awareness Portal contains all the essential information that represents your network and is important for your advertisers to know. It explains how SOCIFI advertising works and under what circumstances it appears. Explanation of advertising formats is an integral part of the presentation. 

It is also very useful to add all the important information about your network that is essential for every advertiser. Provide them with information such as network location, number of visitors per month and recommended price for advertising (that is interesting for both you and your advertiser).


See how Local Awareness Portal looks like! Visit advertisers.socifi.com.


It's up to you whether you keep the default content, or you edit the texts to suit you and your location and make them as attractive as possible for your advertiser. 

Local Awareness Portal is fully responsive and the information adapts to each device such as smart phones, tablets, and laptops. To ensure the perfect user experience. Finally, you can also upload your own logo, background, and include the name of your own WiFi / 4G network (more information is available in the manual).

Simple sharing

With SOCIFI you can have unlimited amount of networks and for each of them have their own Local Awareness Portal. It's you who decides what advertisers you invite to your network. 

Each Local Awareness Portal has its unique link to share via email, on your website, or social networks.

Inviting advertisers

Inviting an advertiser is very simple. See our guide below for step by step instructions.