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titleImportant notice

The release of the Unifi Controller Firmware 5.10.12 is not compatible with SOCIFI at this moment. Please DO NOT UPGRADE to this version. If the the firmware is already updated to the latest version, please rollback the firmware to the previous version to keep the SOCIFI external portal service running.

We will inform you when the necessary changes are done and when the new version of the FW is compatible.

Information Update

The issue was caused by a bug on the firmware for APs in 5.10.12 and should be fixed in version 5.10.16

See section bugfixes, Fix external guest portal cookies.

Information Update

The Ubiquiti community confirmed the bug was not definitely resolved in 5.10.16
Now the community announced resolving the bug in 5.10.17, However, the same issue was reported again on Ubiquiti portal.

As reported from users the issue was resolved after keeping the controller version on 5.10.16 or 5.10.17 and downgrading the firmware of the APs to 4.0.15 See

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