Custom Terms & Conditions

You can set up your custom Terms & Conditions easily. Log in to your account and select Settings Tab. In case you have allowed this function, you will see an option "Terms & Conditions".

Custom Privacy Policy

See GDPR settings of Privacy Policy for more information about custom privacy policy.

Setting up Custom Terms & Conditions for all brands

For Custom Terms & Conditions switch to ON.

Your own Terms & Conditions of use can be in several languages. As you can see in the picture below, you add your Terms & Conditions in the highlighted area. Once you are done, save it with the SAVE button.

You can enforce Terms & Conditions agreement by clicking on "Enforcement of the Terms & Conditions". Legitimate interest gives you the right to inform End-users about the Terms of Service . Please note that Enforcing Terms & Conditions may have an impact on the number of End-users connected to your WiFi network.

Do you need to have different conditions for each brand? Even this can be set. Ask SOCIFI Support to enable  different conditions for each brand.

Setting Terms & Conditions for each brand

Go to the brand you want to set own Terms & Conditions for, and click on “Terms & Condition”.

To allow own Terms & Condition, turn the switch ON.

When your Terms & Conditions are set, save it with the SAVE button.

From this moment on, users will agree to your Terms & Conditions and they can always view it anytime on SOCIFI Connect (on SOCIFI Captive Portal). If you use White Label Service, they can view it on your White Label Connect & Captive Portal.