GDPR settings of Privacy Policy

Since May 24, 2018 custom Terms & Conditions and custom Privacy Policy function is available for all accounts as a complimentary feature. With this option, you can be in compliance with the latest regulations of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) (EU) 2016/679.

Where to enable it? SOCIFI Dashboard - Settings - Terms & Conditions. Visit Custom Terms & Conditions page for more information about custom T&C.

Privacy Policy Features

Force Privacy Policy

You can enforce Privacy Policy agreement by clicking on "Force Privacy Policy". Legitimate interest gives you the right to inform End-users about their rights and Privacy Policy. Enforcing Privacy Policy may have an impact on the number of End-users connected to your WiFi network. Consider this usage wisely.

Custom Privacy Policy

You can use your own Privacy Policy or modify the suggested ones. SOCIFI supports wide range of use cases and Privacy Policy covers all scenarios for WiFi, Beacons and PayThru Premium Internet included. We strongly advice to thoroughly review the text and tailor it to your use case prior enabling it. 


SOCIFI Dashboard Privacy Policy Settings

Captive Portal, Enforced Privacy Policy example: