How to work with the Local Awareness Portal

You just need to do a few steps to invite local advertisers to advertise within your WiFi/4G network and increase your ad revenue.

Before you invite advertisers...

Set and test the functionality of your hotspots carefully. 

  1. Properly set SOCIFI Brand page.
  2. Configure hotspots and add to SOCIFI Dashboard.
  3. Turn SOCIFI Media Network on. 
  4. Test SOCIFI platform, create an ad and verify its delivery to your network hotspots.

Now that it is ready, lets invite advertisers...

SOCIFI makes it easy to invite local advertisers to your network. To do this follow the steps below:

  1. Click on "Invite new advertisers to your network and increase revenue!" button in SOCIFI Dashboard overview. This button is visible only for publishers who have added hotspots in the SOCIFI Dashboard and active SMN tariff or other plan sharing ad space with SMN.

  2. A New window will appear, you can copy and share the promotional link to your Local Awareness Portal or via email. The Local Awareness Portal is pre-set with a creative. Default text and information is stated, therefore before you share the link it is recommended to revise the text on the page to describe your network. Click on "Preview and edit Promotional Page" button to edit the page (How to edit Local Awareness Portal guide).

  3. Afterward your Local Awareness Portal complies your expectations you can share the link on your social media account or via email and invite advertisers.

  4. "Show your accepted invitations" button will redirect you to the list of advertisers, who approved your invitations. Approved invitation from each advertiser creates a Preferred Deal. In the Dashboard/Settings/Preferred Deals you can change the settings and also delete it in case it is no longer desired.

Invitations sent, what else?

All approved invitations comply with the Preferred Deals for Closed or Semi-Closed Environments features. All your revenue from the third party ads is visible in the SOCIFI Dashboard in the row "SOCIFI Media Network summary".