Advertising Best Practices

1. Use high-quality photos

Use attractive lifestyle photos, bright product images or videos to draw the attention of potential customers. Turn the words into a visually attractive image. The suggested size for images is Full HD 1920*1080 px. Remember what attracts your customers most: happy people and photos with positive energy.

 6 great examples of advertising messages

Every day thousands of advertising campaigns created in SOCIFI reach the customers worldwide. Let's have a look at how your advertising message can look like and get familiar with all the types of ad formats supported by SOCIFI to see how you can make most of them.

With SOCIFI ads you can Also the promote your application and let people download it Directly!

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Video is one of the most popular advertising and communication formats among advertisers for presenting products and services. Now you can also use the video on your YouTube channel and increase the number of its viewers.

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You can attract people by providing them a special offer in your store or sale vouchers.

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Get valuable and fast responses to your questions. Use emoticons or your default answers to gauge customer's opinion, happiness, satisfaction or dissatisfaction with your business.,

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Gain more fans, check-ins, tweets and followers by promoting your Facebook and Twitter profile page.

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You can create the ad encouraging people to visit your website.

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The awesome Stock Photo Library is available for your campaigns. Read more.

2. Do not use texts or logos in images unless it is really necessary

Use logo on your brand page, not in your ads. Logos take the user’s focus off of the action you want someone to take from viewing your ad. An easily recognizable logo may not attract the eye as well as a good picture. If you really need to use texts in your ads, be aware they must be placed in the central visible area. See the examples below.


See the Safe Area example below


3. Write effective Ad Copy

Be short, clear and catchy. Words in your advert are limited. Use words effectively and let customers clearly know what you offer.

For example, your advert may say:
"New shoes just arrived! Get yours now!" Call to action button is displayed below the text.


4. Identify your target audience

For maximum effectiveness of your ads, use the Ad targeting. And use it smartly. For example, if you don't have a website or if you don't ship products nationwide, target your local area only.

5. A/B Testing

Did you know that you can achieve higher conversions by testing different ad versions? The secret for the success of your campaigns is to test different versions of creatives, texts and types of advertising format.

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