Facebook Like is missing when Android Devices connect to WiFi in the "Sign in to network" Window


Due to Facebook issue with "Sign in to network" and Android Devices, Facebook Like is temporarily disabled when a user is connecting to the Wi-Fi thru "Sign in to network" window. 

For more information visit Facebook Developer Forum.

If you leave a comment to the Facebook Team, it may help solving the issue earlier.


"Sign in to network" is an Android window which is opened when an user connects to Wi-Fi that requires authentication thru the Captive Portal. Some of these authentications allow the user to log in through Facebook. Facebook Like can be served on a Captive Portal, but for some reason it doesn't work as expected in the "Sign in to network" window. It works as expected in regular browsers such Chrome etc.

How to reproduce this Facebook Issue for experienced users

  1. Adjust your own Captive Portal and add Facebook Like Pluing into it.*
  2. Connect to the Wi-Fi that is requires an authentication thru your adjusted Captive Portal
  3. Wait untill "Sign in to network" window opens
  4. Try to use Facebook Like, a blank window appears after clicking on the Like button

* When using e.g. Mikrotik, you can use default login.html.

Video Example



There is no known workaround yet. Facebook Like has been disabled (hidden) on Android OS devices in the "Sign in to network" window.


There is no update yet. Last update Sep 7th, 2016.