What equipment is the most suitable?


Your equipment should be capable to support 3 following features:

  1. External Captive Portal
  2. External SOCIFI RADIUS
  3. DNS-based Walled Garden

1. External Captive Portal

The picture below doesn't describe how SOCIFI works, but it should give you info about what your equipment should be able to do.


Our RADIUS servers are located in the Amazon AWS Cloud and they need to be accessed through the internet. Our servers are located in many locations from which you should select the closest one.

We always prefer to use our own RADIUS. The Non-SOCIFI RADIUS can be used as well however it could cause the potential time delay and extra costs could be involved.


3. DNS-based Walled Garden

Other features

Bandwith/speed limit and session timer management

To control the bandwidth/speed limit and the session timer we use Account attributes on RADIUS servers. These attributes are sent per user after successful authentication of the user. SOCIFI uses attributes described in Wi-Fi Alliance - Wireless ISP Roaming - Best Current Practices v1 - WISPr.  Vendors who are already supporting the bandwidth management are either using WISPr specs or use their own specs. Please tell us if you can control the bandwidth management and what way do you use. In the case it's your own protocol we will need the description and your cooperation.

Proxy Server

The deployment of In-Session feature requires ability to configure Proxy Server

Cloud management

Cloud management is something your customer would appreciate.