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"Sign in to Wi-Fi Network" is a system window in  Android OS which helps users to connect to the Wi-Fi network.

Some users are currently experiencing problems when they connect via any Captive Portal Solution and the "Sign in to Wi-Fi Network" window is automatically closed. Which means that no advertisers web page is displayed and/or no custom success page is displayed.

SOCIFI developed the experimental workaround to improve the user experience for the users using Android devices. This workaround is available for all Flat Fee Tariffs. If the switch "Enable this workaround for this brand" is disabled, the SOCIFI Captive Portal is displayed in the "Sign in to Wi-Fi Network" window. When a user is connected to the internet "Sign in to Wi-Fi Network" window is automatically closed and a user cannot be redirected to requested URL and/or to the URL of custom success page. See more about this bug at Google Android Developer Portal.

Please note that the Android OS is heavily fragmented and many OEM vendors use a different name for the Sign in to Wi-Fi Network.

Detailed description of the issue

Plase go to Android Window - Sign in to Wi-Fi network, known issue to see detailed description of the issue with the video examples.

How does it work?

SOCIFI provides you with the ability to have you very own Captive Portal (Splash Page) for Android devices affected by Google Android Bug (See more at Google Portal). You can also use your own logo at the page to ensure your visitors they are on the right website and they should follow required steps to get connected.

When SOCIFI detects that the affected Android device wants to authenticate, SOCIFI triggers this workaround (if turned on).

This Workaround Switcher cannot be turned off for clients using Media Network.

Do you want enable it?

Please follow the instructions at Android Sign in to Wi-Fi Network Settings (Workaround)

How does it look like?

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