Open-Mesh (6xx firmware,CloudTrax version 4)

1. CloudTrax dashboard

Login to the CloudTrax portal version 4:

2. AP identification and firmware version

Check firmware version first. Firmware version must be 6.0 at least. Note the MAC address of AP for later use.

3. SSID configuration 

Go to Configure tab and select SSID (1-4) you want to configure. Enter SSID name, enable it (Enable = on) and make it visible (Visible = on). "Authentication" leave unchecked (Authentication = off).

4. Captive portal & Radius server settings

Captive portal settings follow. Enable "Bandwidth throttling" and set maximal limits. Bandwidth limits are set in the SOCIFI Dashboard and applied dynamically during authentication. 

Set the next "Splash page configuration" options as follows:

Splash pageHosted remotely
Splash Page URL
Splash page authenticationRADIUS
Server address 1<dns-name-of-primary-socifi radius-server-by-region>
Server address 2<dns-name-of-seconary-socifi radius-server-by-region>
Server secretsocifi
NAS IDOM6xx_yourDeviceMacAddress

for example: OM6xx_AC8875415EF8

5. Walled Garden

In the next part set Walled Garden, access for unauthenticated users. Enable "Block unauthenticated users" (Block unauthenticated users = on)  option and fill in the Walled Garden gap with domain names as listed below:

Leave other options in the default settings (see the picture below).

The setting of the node is done now. All changes will appear within 1 - 2 minutes (as stated in the alert after saving the changes). To assure correct settings reboot all nodes (APs). You can reboot the nodes remotely in the CloudTrax, go to menu "Manage / Access Points" and select an appropriate node and reboot it. 

6. Add a new hotspot to SOCIFI Dashboard

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